hello, world! 🚀

i'm yinka

a frontend developer

my love of beautiful websites made me curious about how they were made. after lots of googling, i discovered web development which led to my interest in frontend development. since then, i've been honing my skills and building projects to apply what i've learnt.

my technical skills includes html & css, javascript, typescript, react, gatsby, eleventy, git, graphql, styled-components, tailwindcss, chakra-ui, and some other dot js libraries.

i built Blaque Photography - A portfolio website for a photographer built with Gatsby and coupled with Prismic CMS for content management. >>> view project

i built Gatsby Starter Glass - a minimal & beautiful GatsbyJS personal blog starter with a nice glassmorphism ui coupled with netlify cms for content management >>> view project

i built Planthome - an e-commerce landing page for a fictitious plant selling company. built with gatsbyjs and coupled with sanity cms for content management >>> view project

i built Eleventy Duo - a minimal and beautiful Eleventy personal blog starter. >>> view project

i've built a few other cool stuffs too, checkout my github

you can have a look at my resume here

you can email me at yinkakun@gmail.com or dm me on twitter

apart from tech, i like to watch animes, binge watch tv series, read novels.

built by me - yinka adedire with gatsbyjs for static site generation, the slide up animation with react-reveal, styled using styled-components and the font family, 'ibm plex mono' from google fonts. you're welcome to checkout the sourcecode